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This blog contains: video games, screenshots (ALL OF THEM), werewolves, bats, dragons, and opinions. Also the occasional bit of brain vomit, a lot of complaining (it's the British national sport), and the ever elusive bit of photoshopped crap that I hesitate to call "art".

You'll likely see a lot of The Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, Fable, The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, and/or Mass Effect, along with whatever other random game I happen to be obsessing over at any time. Seriously, if I had to list all my favourite games, I'd be wasting both our time.

Gaming is my life; I am good at nothing else. Except maybe sarcasm.


Currently in the midst of a life-long Dark Brotherhood meltdown


Currently in the process of updating this; my Characters tab should have a lot more than just my Dragon Age OCs in it, so I'm working on adding to it slowly.

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I think it’s somewhat sad that I can vividly remember all that crap, and yet I can’t remember the plot of Jurassic Park.

Collection of thoughts; please ignore

I guess you were needed to help digitize a Russian book

Naw, see, it’s clearly because I’m not human. Only humans can do those CAPTCHA things. That modding site has discovered my secret.

Hey Amazon, just because I was on fantasy island the other day doesn’t mean I want emails with on-sale graphics cards I don’t have a job I need to save

sataareth replied to your post: “How the fuck am I supposed to sign up for this site when the CAPTCHA…”:
Find a transliteration site :D #howiwriteinbulgarian

I did, but it still wouldn’t accept it XD I gave up after a while; I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and right now I don’t care enough to try again XD

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Well, that’s one down, at least.

My Dragon Age Origins/Awakening mod recommendations list is more or less done, I think.

I’m gonna do more, but considering that took me all fucking day (and considering I already had a half-decent one from like a year ago to make it easier on me, it took waaaay longer than I expected), I’m gonna… do something else now.

And probably not touch those pages for like another month or so, knowing me.

How the fuck am I supposed to sign up for this site when the CAPTCHA is in Russian?

Holy damn do I have a lot of recommended mods.

And I’m only on Dragon Age: Origins >_>

It occurs to me that Ifrit is basically Marvin from Hitchhiker’s Guide.

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